Setriolo | VINTAGE REPORT 2014
Il Podere Setriolo, nel cuore delle colline toscane, produce vino chianti classico e olio 100% biologico e offre un soggiorno nel proprio agriturismo che non potrai dimenticare.
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Another record year with average temperature anomaly of + 1.57 ° C at the national level and + 1.63 ° C in Tuscany, with the particularity that was determined by temperatures significantly higher than normal in all the months of the year, except for the summer ones. To this corresponds, in 2014, the registration of the lowest number of frost days starting from 1961 and the lowest number of cold nights. The average number of tropical nights, however, was only slightly higher than the normal value, in correspondence with a not particularly hot summer season. In summary, the record of the average annual temperature is due more to the minimum than to the maximum and more to autumn, winter and spring than to summer. As for rainfall, only August, October and December were less rainy than normal and in July the highest positive anomaly was recorded: + 150% approx.


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