Setriolo | VINTAGE REPORT 2013
Il Podere Setriolo, nel cuore delle colline toscane, produce vino chianti classico e olio 100% biologico e offre un soggiorno nel proprio agriturismo che non potrai dimenticare.
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2013 was once again a warmer year, both globally and in Tuscany. The anomaly of the global average temperature, compared to the reference climatological thirty years 1961-1990, was + 1.04 ° C and positions 2013 at the tenth highest place in the series since 1961, close to the record of 2008, the result of persistence of positive temperature anomalies especially in the second part of the year. Apart from the months in countertendency as February and May. Although the average temperature anomalies have been consistent and positive, it were not exceptional. In contrast, the fact that the periods of frost that have affected the Tuscan territory have largely been verified during the months of February and May, has meant that the average number of days with frost has been well below the average of the series of this index since 1961. The high temperature variations therefore, and the rainfall of the second and last quarter, have lengthened the stages of veraison and maturation, leading to harvest at the end of September, a significant acidity value of the grapes. Excellent premise for fresh and elegant wines.


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