Monitoring and maintaining the cordon with short pruning in late winter. Nutritional supplements with organic fertilizers manure to early winter before bud burst. Periodic toppings for vegetation control and production control with manual selection of the grapes before veraison. Light defoliation after fruit setting. Defense with integrated control. Handpicking in small baskets.


Skin maceration is carried out for about 14 days in steel vats and cement vats. Alcoholic fermentation is started with selected yeasts. Malolactic fermentation is completed in vats, then the wine is aged in American oak used tonneau, medium toasting. After almost 54 months the wine is bottled in May 2020. Released after at least 6 months ageing in the bottles.


about 1300 bottles

Yield per ha

60 tons per hectare

  • MEMORES IGT 2015
  • Merlot 85% Sangiovese 15%
  • Alcol: 14,5 % by vol.
  • Vineyards: 1,5 ha hectares planted in 1999 e 2 ha in 2005. Plants per ha: 3.700 – 5.000
  • Altitude and Soil: 250-350 mt s.l.m. Layers of marly chalk and sand with presence of clay
  • Exposure: south, south-east
  • Date: 2014