Setriolo | extra virginolive oil
Il Podere Setriolo, nel cuore delle colline toscane, produce vino chianti classico e olio 100% biologico e offre un soggiorno nel proprio agriturismo che non potrai dimenticare.
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extra virgin
olive oil



The olive grove of Setriolo is at 320 meters above sea level. Here 880 trees of Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino and Frantoio varieties are cultivated with spontaneous growth of grass between them, in order to favor the natural fertility level of the soil. The olives are hand-picked slightly early and taken to the press immediately.
The olives are hand-picked slightly early and taken to the press immediately.


The oil is cold-extracted and bottled in dark glass after light filtration, to maintain the organolectic characteristic and the artisanal character of a hand-made product.


Organic production ensures the quality of extra virgin oil that , respecting the characteristics of each vintage, expresses different scents and flavors.


The packaging adds value to the product: dark glass preserves the aromatic and taste characteristics; the stopper makes dosing it easy and prevents dripping, while the stainless label makes it always presentable on the table.

We can ship our olive oil.